Friday, August 26, 2005


Following on from my thoughts on science vs. Christianity, I am annoyed by the use of cetain words used in the debate - mostly by the anti-theist camp.

The main word I object to the use of is "Supernatural".

It is frequently used to dismiss many aspects of belief. The argument goes that belief/faith rely on supernatural events, and if something is supernatural then it cannot be tested by science and so you can't, scientifically speaking, believe in it.

My opinion on all this is that everything that has ever happened is natural. There is no supernatural! Everything God does conforms to His own 'laws' or 'rules' and those rules define the natural world. If an apparently supernatural event appears to have happened, then it wasn't supernatural, it was merely a natural process that is either very rare or simply one we have not seen before.

Its just another instance of a hidden, incorrect, assumption being used to boost the arguement of one side or the other.


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