Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Bourne Supremacy

I finally saw the 2nd part of the Bourne trilogy last night. With all the hype surrounding the Bourne Ultimatum a couple of months back, I've bean meaning to catch up.

As you probably know, its very, very good - if you like that sort of thing. Car chases, fights, lots of running about, the odd twist, a few unpleasant deaths, a bit of intrigue. Well worth a watch, if you like action films.

I wasn't sure the original movie actually needed a sequel (even though I knew there were a series of books). OK, Bourne has lots to find out about who he is, but he actually doesn't find that out through much of this film. So what we have could have ended up as just a run-of-the-mill amnesiac being chased by people he can't remember type film. So top marks to the makers for turning that basic premise into an interesting and gripping film.

I want to see part 3 now.



At 4:11 pm, Blogger Marcus G said...

I enjoy all of the Bourne movies. 2 & 3 are directed by Paul Green grass and have a great pace to them which makes them far above average as action thrillers. Plus there are useful tips on how to beat off the bad guys with magazines and hard backed books. Literature is useful.

But neither of them, for me, reaches the standard of the first, which has a yearning and a piquancy that makes it a stand alone film. One of my all time top ten. A film I can genuinely re-watch.

At 9:41 pm, Blogger Ricky Carvel said...

Its a while since I saw the first. But I think I enjoyed the second more. However, that's probably because I saw the first split over two nights rather than in a single uninterrupted sitting, like I saw the second...


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