Monday, November 06, 2006

Torchwood: Episode 4 - 'Cyberwoman'

I didn't think I was going to like this episode. I thought it was too 'Doctor Who' an episode to do this early on in the new series. And the Cybermen are such a classic Who baddie, I thought it might spoil things. I was wrong, it was great.

There was much more tension in this episode than the previous three, but it was mixed in with the emotional heart of the series which was still there. I know it was the classic sci-fi plot of 'unknown alien at large in the base' but there was enough novelty in there to keep the story fresh. The Cyberwoman was a good mix of human and Cyberman and they kept the uncertainty going right through the episode; how human is she?

This episode didn't feel like Angel at all. Perhaps Torchwood has managed to find its own feet at last. But it did feel a bit like Stargate SG1 at times - they do the 'alien on the base' storyline about once a series...

And thay have now padded out the supporting character of Ianto (good Welsh name that, pronounced 'Yan-toe') to three dimensional - although I can't help but feel he'll return to two dimensions again next week.

Once again, I have no idea what is going on in the teaser for next week's episode. But, given the quality of the series so far, I'll certainly watch again.

My episode ratings so far:
Episode 1: 7/10 (maybe more)
Episode 2: 7/10
Episode 3: 9/10
Episode 4: 8/10

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