Sunday, April 01, 2007

Doctor Who: Smith and Jones

So the 29th series of Doctor Who (or should I say the third series of the new Doctor Who?) burst on to our screens last night. A new companion and new aliens were introduced. It was silly, entertaining and slightly moving - which is to say it was everything it was trying to be. Great.

Martha Jones has potential to be a good companion - she'll certainly not be the type who just stands around asking 'Doctor, what's happening?' and screaming a lot (which is all I can remember 'Peri' doing in the good old days). I hope she actually figures out how to use a sonic screwdriver for herself.

I watched it with my five year old daughter and, seen through her eyes, it was a bit scary, but not too much. She quite enjoyed it I think.

But having seen the trailer for next week's episode, I'm not sure I'll be letting her watch that one.

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