Wednesday, May 23, 2007

15 minutes of fame...

A friend commented on the magazine clipping I posted yesterday, saying "Wow, I never knew you were so famous!". But my fame extends way beyond that photo, oh yes.

Surely you all saw my star turn on the BBC Horizon show "Skyscraper Fire Fighters" on BBC 2 on Tuesday 24th April 2007:

I was on screen for a whopping 1.4 seconds there. You missed it? About 17 minutes and 20 seconds into the show, you may need to use the pause button.

What about the time I was on the Channel 5 (UK) documentary "A to Z of Disasters"? (May 2001)
I was on screen for about eight seconds that time, though my voice can be heard for about thirty seconds. What? You missed that one too? (click on the image above for a video clip then).

Oh well, I guess I've still got more than 14 of my 15 minutes of fame remaining...

Still, you can buy my book on Amazon if you want ;o)

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