Thursday, September 13, 2007

Something beginning with... C

So I've been 'tagged' to name my ten favourite songs beginning with the letter 'C'.

Here goes (in no particular order):
  1. 'Carry On' by Spacehog
  2. 'Credo' by Fish
  3. 'Changes' by David Bowie
  4. 'Comfortably numb' by Pink Floyd
  5. 'Crazy little thing called love' by Queen
  6. 'Closer to the heart' by Rush
  7. 'Can't find my way home' by Blind Faith
  8. 'Crazy on you' by Heart
  9. 'Childhood's end' by Marillion
  10. 'Carry on' by ManOwaR (no, seriously, its a great song)
So how about you? I challenge you to name your 10 favourite songs beginning with the letter 'E'. (Or 'J' or 'P' if you want a challenge, or 'D' if you want an easy life. NB fans of Christian worship music can't choose 'J' cos that would be too easy...)

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