Sunday, December 28, 2008

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor

Was it just me, or wasn't it very good?

I mean, it had its moments, but it just failed to live up to expectations.

Nothing was genuinely scary, the Cybercats were just silly and the ending was just, well, a bit of a let down.

But lets face it, none of the Christmas specials have been better than an average episode. Given that they seem to put more effort into the specials, you'd expect more.

I hope the other 'specials' we're getting in 2009 will be a bit more, erm, special than that.

C- Must try harder.

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At 7:50 am, Blogger David Meldrum said...

Have to disagree - so much better than last year's 'Let's find something to do with an attractive female star, blow lots of stuff up and hope no-one notices that we forgot things like characters and a story'.

David Morrissey - a fine actor who would make a fine Doctor.

Likd the way the whole thing had room to breathe, and built nicely. Really liked it - best Xmas Day special for me....

At 8:36 am, Blogger Ricky Carvel said...

Well, last year's Christmas episode was pretty poor too, but what it lacked in story it glossed over with style and disaster movie cliche. This year we had lots of pointless running about, a bit of overacting and an utterly pointless giant cyberman.

I'm afraid I never really recovered from the revelation that the next Doctor wasn't who he appeared to be. From then on I didn't really care. The assistant was good though. And there was a moment of genuine emotion at the end. But the revelation that the amnesiac bloke had a son was visible from about a mile away...

They always try to go up to 11 for the Christmas specials, and IMO fail as a consequence of this. 'Ordinary' episodes are generally better...


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