Monday, September 22, 2008

Marillion: Happiness is the Road [first thoughts]

So it would be fair to say that I didn't have high hopes for the new album...

The album isn't officially out yet. I'll be released next month. But, in an effort to beat P2P file sharers at their own game, Marillion have given away the album for nothing online. Find it here. So in return for giving them my e-mail address (which they had anyway) I have legally downloaded all of the new double album.






Ha! Bet you weren't expecting that! I wasn't even expecting that. First impressions (I've only listened to it twice, thus far) are that it is a far more coherent album than anything since Anorak, its certainly better than Somewhere Else and possibly better than Marbles. Its fairly mellow throughout although some of the longer songs build and build to something noisier and more energetic than they start off sounding.

I'll give a more detailed review of it after a number of listens, but it'll be a pretty positive review!

And for what its worth, I think that "whatever is wrong with you" is one of the weaker songs on there.

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At 2:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

exactly my impression as well!

Somewhere else was lacking (as was Marbles - it was too inconsistent for my taste).

But Happiness is really strong, maybe as strong as AoS as a whole, better than Anorak (even though Anorak *was* very consistent).

I really *want* to play the songs again and again - while I don't have any intention to listen to somewhere else as a whole


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