Thursday, July 28, 2005


I seem to be stuck in the middle of two controversies at the moment - not that either side in either debate is really aware of me. In both instances the outside observer would look on and see that there are two conflicting opinions with no ground in between; black and white with no grey. And yet I find myself slap bang in the middle of the grey in both cases.

One of the debates is that old turkey of Science vs. Religion, which has raised its ugly head again in the form of Darwinian Evolution vs. Intelligent Design. As a scientist and a Christian I find myself stuck between the two camps, both of which are trying to pull in opposite directions. The 'Intelligent Design' lobby seems to claim that virtually all science is built on an atheistic foundation, and the scientists agree! Its just everything else they disagree on. So what's someone who's a Christian and a scientist to do? Point out the grey areas of course... see the next post.

The second debate is an entirely 'in church' debate, but yet again there are largely two camps with no middle ground, and again I am in the middle ground. The issue here is the whole issue of homosexuality in the church, or specifically at the moment in the clergy. I'll express my views on that one in another posting.