Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Richard Dawkins - Part II

I've just listened to the Infidel Guy podcast featuring Richard Dawkins. It was generally more of the same sort of stuff about evolution and intelligent design and all the usual stuff that Richard Dawkins says.

But then there was one astounding bit that I must comment on.

A caller to the Infidel Guy show asked (amongst other things) if it would be possible (in the future) for us to be so scientifically advanced that we might create a god...

Here is Richard Dawkins's response to that question: download mp3 file (700k file, 2 minutes audio).

In essence, he says that he can conceive of a being so far advanced of ourselves that our only response on meeting this being would be to fall down and worship it.

He qualifies this by saying that this is not 'God' in the biblical sense as this being would be natural, not supernatural, and this being would be the end result of some form of evolutionary process.

My take on this is that he therefore discounts the biblical God simply because someone had labeled God as 'supernatural'. I've commented on this issue before - the word supernatural is just a label and is relatively meaningless. If we define 'natural' as being 'all that is' then there is no supernatural, by definition. In that context God is 'natural'.

I have more thoughts to add on this matter, but no time to write them now... more to follow.