Tuesday, June 06, 2006

24 hour praise people

An old friend of mine has just started blogging. Have a look at salvationssongs.blogspot.com - the blog of Rev. Marcus Green. He's just organised and run a 24 hour non-stop worship event in his church. Wow. And even at 3am, numbers of folk there were in double figures.

Marcus was curate / worship leader at St. Michael's Church, Aberystwyth when I attended there in the mid 90s. He wrote the (very good) book on worship, Salvation's Song, which I reviewed in one of my first blog posts.

He has also recently recorded a big-band worship album - 'Every Breath' by Marcus Green Big Band. Its cooool, man. A bunch of modern and traditional worship songs reinvented in glorious big band style. For me the highlight is 'Beautiful One' a Tim Hughes song which is quite popular in our church at the moment - but here it is transformed into a groovy swing thing with excellent vocals from the man who wrote it. You can preview and order the CD here. Go on, you know you want to.


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