Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Torchwood: Episode 2 - 'Day one'

So they threw themselves headlong into 'adult' terriotory with the second episode. Which featured a sex-starved parasitic alien which inhabited a young woman and consumed any man she had sex with at the moment of orgasm. It was unnecessarily explicit in the first sex scene.

But the plot was ok and the episode flowed fairly well, although it was fairly predictable and didn't contain anything new to sci-fi.

This episode was only 30% Angel, but most of the remaining 70% came from a cult 80s sci-fi film called 'Liquid Sky' (in which an alien feeds on sexual energy and consumes people at orgasm).

So nothing new, but I'll watch again next week. At least the banter between characters is fairly entertaining, and the show has huge potential.

And presumably that hand in the jar is the Doctor's hand which was cut off in 'The Christmas Invasion' last year. Presumably there's a story to be explored there before the end of the series.

I saw the teaser for next week, and I have no idea what's going on there at all. But it looks like its still very much in 'adult' territory. I wonder if they'll censor it in any way before it goes to BBC2 on Wednesday night? They did this with Little Britain, even though that was post-watershed. I guess another review will follow next week.

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