Friday, November 17, 2006

Torchwood: Episode 5 - 'Small worlds'

Hmmm. The fairy episode. Or perhaps I should say 'faerie'?

In this episode we get a bit of back story about Captain Jack, but it provided more questions than answers. He clearly hadn't aged between 1909 and 'the war' (presumably WWII). And we know (from Doctor Who) that he was a kind of rogue time-agent during the war. But we need to know more!

Anyway, the plot was reasonably interesting although, having established early on that the faeries could control 'the elements' (i.e. earth, air, fire & water) and the first death was due to suffocation (control of air) and the second due to drowning (control of water), I was a bit disappointed that the death at the barbecue scene didn't involve control of fire in any way.

But there was a nice amount of moodiness here and they used the classic 'creepy kid' (and 'creepy kid' background music) to good effect. Its certainly handy (from a budget point of view) when your paranormal baddies are mostly invisible.

At the start of the episode I thought we were in 'X-Files' territory, but I'm not sure the X-files could have pulled this plot off.

So anyway, it was an interesting story with some nice moments, but possibly not as good as the previous two episodes - but then they were excellent.

I'd give it 6/10 - good, but not worth watching again.

And one thing struck me from the trailer for next week's episode. I'm getting a little fed up with Gwen asking Jack for explanations of every unusual occurrence. Its getting a bit like the stereotypical 'wots goin' on?' in Eastenders.

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