Friday, December 22, 2006

Torchwood: Episode 10 - 'Out of Time'

A plane takes off in 1953. Due to some poorly explained phenomenon it lands, half an hour later, in 2006. Lots of things in 2006 are different to how things were in 1953. Other things are different too. And other things. One of the three time travellers can't cope. One is indifferent and just wants to fly or have sex, but preferably fly. The third takes a couple of days but gets used to 2006 quite well. Um. That's about it.

Not really much plot here. No twists of significance (Owen falling in love doesn't count) and not much character development, although I fully expect Rhys to chuck Gwen before the next three episodes are out.

Could have been a lot more interesting. Only 5/10 (sorry Dave, I've started so I'll finish...).

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