Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Torchwood: Episode 8 - 'They keep killing Suzie'

A bit of an odd one this. The plot kept twisting and twisting so that it ended up in a completely different place from where you would have expected. This is a good thing. But it wasn't hugely gripping at any point.

Possible spoilers below...

This episode was really trying to add some continuity to the series, continuing the story of Susie which was started in the first episode. Therefore it seemed quite odd that there was little continuity, with regard to Toshiko's arc or the Owen/Gwen affair, from last week's episode. Also, it was never explained why Jack couldn't use the gauntlet, but Gwen could.

But having said that, it was interesting and kept my attention for the duration. 6/10.

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At 5:06 pm, Blogger Marcus G said...

And was less annoying than most. This series has been high on "annoying" moments, as much as on dismaying half-hours!

But this was above average, not as good as episodes 3 or 4 (which were very good), but better than the rest (which, in my 'umble opinion, were not).

So we keep on watching, in the hope that "average" will get better, and "above average" become the norm. Fat chance; but the anagram is close to reverting for Christmas, and then we will all be happy again.


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