Thursday, January 04, 2007

Torchwood: Episode 13 - 'End of Days'

Nice doggy. Sit!

Have we not seen the end of the world like this before?

It's the usual sci-fi take on the devil / Abaddon / etc. - the old bible stories got it all wrong, he's not some supernatural being, he's just a big, bad, powerful, very old alien who's been imprisoned somewhere and then gets let out. (Hang on, did we not just have this kind of story in Doctor Who, not just in the recent Christmas episode, but also in 'The Satan Pit' back in the Spring?)

Oh, and while we're at it, lets use some more biblical imagery and have the lead bloke die heroically (defeating the devil, no less), then be resurrected three days later, to be found first by a mourning woman, then to reveal himself to his followers, including the one who betrayed him - who he forgives.

A bit predicatable really, but reasonably entertaining. The Abaddon FX were a bit ropey but you kind of expect that on a BBC budget. And we still have lots of questions about Captain Jack... perhaps some of them will be answered in the new series of Doctor Who, perhaps we'll have to wait for Torchwood season two (which has been given the go ahead - it is the most popular programme on BBC3 after all and has the highest ever viewing figures for any non-sport programme on a digital channel).

So all in all I'd still rate it 7/10.

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