Monday, January 01, 2007


We made a banoffee pie last night.

Rather than following the usual recipe (which works, but takes a long time) we tried the quick recipe on the side of the condensed milk tin.

Big mistake.

Rather than produce a lovely gooey, caramelly layer which is a delight to eat, it produced a layer of toffee - it was nice to eat but highly chewey - it would have been pretty impossible to actually eat a slice of pie made with such a layer.

So we peeled it off (if it had been a proper banoffee layer I wouldn't have been able to peel it) and started again with the old recipe caramel on the biscuit base (which, remarkably, remained intact throughout the peeling process). Much better.

The photo on the right is me modelling the peeled toffee layer. You really wouldn't want to eat that, right?



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