Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My online life

My wife complained at me the other day that I spend too much time on the computer. I suppose I do, but then I thought about it. What are my hobbies?

Go back a decade or two and these were my hobbies:
  • Listening to music, making compilation tapes, etc.
  • Playing guitar
  • Photography
  • Playing with computers
  • Watching TV / movies
  • Canoeing
  • Reading news, etc.
Only one of those actually involved a computer. But what happened? Well, computers seem to have infiltrated most of my hobbies.
  • OK, so I don't use a computer to listen to music, I use an iPod. But I have to use the computer to get the music onto the iPod. I use the computer to buy the music. I use the computer to make compilation CDs or 'iMixes'.
  • Computers still aren't involved in playing guitar (except for the internet being a source of guitar TAB music), but I'm sure its only a matter of time.
  • All my photography these days is digital. So I use a computer to look at, play with and print out my photos.
  • Obviously, playing with computers still involves a computer.
  • I now rent DVDs via the internet and increasingly more TV programmes are available online, its only a matter of time before computers and TV become fused. Indeed, have a look at the newly upgraded Apple TV system - able to download 'rental' movies directly to your TV, this is the future, and its a computer (again).
  • You know, I can't think of any way a computer can become involved in canoeing...
  • And, of course, the greatest source of news is online.
  • Oh, and at work, I spend most of my time doing things on a computer. Even in the lab, everything is recorded and monitored using computers.
So there you have it, my life is increasingly online.

I wonder when we'll get to the stage that the computer is so ubiquitous that we won't actually use the word anymore?

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At 1:57 am, Anonymous Josh W said...

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