Friday, January 25, 2008

Torchwood: S2E2: Sleeper

Thankfully this episode was a lot more subtle than the last with no excessive bisexual snogging and no pointless macho fighting.

Actually, I liked this one a lot. Very human for the most part, but when the aliens acted upon their allegedly well thought-out plan of attack, I didn't quite see why two of these well informed aliens would simply become suicide bombers for no particular purpose. In both instances, surely they could have planted their bombs and then moved out of the way before the things exploded?

And we're still trying to give Ianto a character, I see. Good.

Oh, and I also watched the 7pm repeat of the first episode. In order to turn the '15 cert' 9pm version into a 'PG' 7pm show, all they did was slightly clean up some of the violence and remove a few lines of dialogue (including the 'murder rehab' line which was the only dialogue that bothered me in the original anyway), but all the snogging and innuendo was still intact. I guess kids these days are used to it...

There's only a few scenes of violence in episode 2 that they'll need to clean up. The violence will still happen, but some of it will simply happen offscreen on the 7pm version.

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