Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Torchwood: S2E3: To the last man

Delayed review of last week's Torchwood episode...

I think this was one of those episodes which shows just what Torchwood is supposed to be. Creepy stuff going on in Cardiff, a bit of sci-fi technobabble, a reasonably believable and touching human element and, predictably, more gay snogging. Lets take this character by character:

Gwen seems to have (hopefully temporarily) reverted to her 'What's happening Jack?' not very confident and a bit freaked out by weird stuff persona. Here role here was simply to look worried and get scared.

Toshiko, like all characters in this series, seems to swing both ways. The only love interest she had last series was a female alien, but this time around she has fallen for a frozen bloke she only sees once a year. Somehow that was quite believable.

Ianto snogged Jack. Sorry, but I just don't buy that. Obviously, in watching sci-fi, you have to suspend disbelief to a certain extent, but while I can accept the space-time rift in Cardiff allowing folk to walk between 1918 and 2008, I'm not sure I believe that Ianto swings both ways.

And the others were just there to make up the numbers this week.

All in all it was quite good, but with disappointing elements. And Tomorrow's episode throws Gwen & Rhys into the melting pot. Could be fun... I'll let you know what I think.

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