Monday, June 09, 2008

Doctor Who: 'Silence in the library' & 'Forest of the dead' (S4E8&9)

Was it just me, or was that the best Doctor Who story of all four series so far?

Erm, probably spoilers in what follows... ;o)

Where should I start? Well, first off, the library setting was great. Looked not unlike something that should have been in Star Wars. And then the 'stay out of the shadows' thing was nicely creepy. Although the 'I have two shadows' thing was a bit silly.

But I can forgive them for that, there were some real gems in there. The whole idea of meeting up with a future assistant was great, although if the series runs for long enough it could give some real continuity problems - it is clear that Prof River Song knew this regeneration form of the Doctor, but significantly aged, so to keep the continuity line right we need to have David Tennant as Doctor for several years yet and then have a slightly younger River Song as an assistant. Possibly more than just an assistant if the hints were accurate... That could be tricky.

The whole library and vashta nerada (or however we're spelling that) thing would have been creepy enough, but the faces on the terminals and the data ghosts made the thing a whole heap more creepy. And then to put the whole thing inside the head of a small girl. Genius.

But what I didn't totally understand was what exactly it was that River Song did at the end that the Doctor was going to do? I had thought that the Doctor was going to upload all the 'saved' people into himself somehow, but the people all rematerialised in the library, so what did River actually sacrifice herself for?

But anyway, I thought it was great and it was the first two parter in a long time that didn't have an 'oh, get on with it' section in the middle somewhere. Fab.

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At 8:18 pm, Blogger David Meldrum said...

I agree! Fantastic...and a little moving. We just watched it (we are somewhat behind with Dr Who & Heroes); but what a great story. Up there with the Weeping Angles and the one set before WW1 in the school....

At 1:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was going to be extra ram, like a swap partition to allow them to jiggle everything about and get everyone out without loosing anyone. Like the computer was so distracted it couldn't do printing, and no-one wanted to close any processes, naturally.
At least that's as far as I remember, good episodes, with some interesting ideas about machine sentience and solipsism snuck in there; I'm not sure what I would have thought about "The world's fake and your nightmares are real" when I was ten!


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