Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nancy (epilogue)

What did I tell you? The public, in their infinite wisdom, chose the worst of the three in the final of 'I'd do anything' on Saturday night. Sigh.

Personally, I think that Jodie won in the same way as Michelle McManus did on Pop Idol a few years ago (2003, actually) - she got the 'fat vote'.

Then again, none of my favourites have ever won any of these Saturday evening talent shows. The British public has no taste.

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At 4:47 pm, Blogger Marcus G said...


My, what a remarkable posting! Not that you were in any way swayed by Rachel's "come hither" smile or Samantha's hot pants.

It was their fine vocies and lovely personalities all the way, I know, I know.

And, for the record, though I felt several of the girls could have played the part, since the beginning I honestly believed Jodie was the most complete actress there. When it came to the final two, Jessie might produce the best one-off song, but she is no actress and I would have thought a probable nightmare for a director (as proven through the run of this show where she could not take direction week after week & they had to resort to 'Oh be yourself').

So there was cheering here.

Though as for the other talent show on at the same time, I was following your criteria and rooting for Escala. It took me a while to notice they were playing instruments, which made them even more talented.

At 9:53 pm, Blogger Ricky Carvel said...

I think you're giving me a bit of bad press here. While it would be accurate to say that I considered Jodie the least attractive of the final 3 (or, indeed, 4), that wasn't my primary selection criterion.

Looks aside, I thought that Jessie had the best voice, and the fantastically sexy asymmetric smile was just a bonus. I thought that Samantha was - by far - the best dancer of the lot, but I didn't actually find her that attractive; she wasn't my 'type' (as you might say; I'm not really that interested in skinny things in hot pants...).

And for the record, the person in this house who most wanted Rachel to win was my wife. I don't think the 'come hither' smile came into it there.

Escala? Well, they were far too posh to win a talent show on ITV. I'm sure they were all called things like 'Pippa' or 'Bunty' and still refer to their parents as 'Daddy' and 'Mummy'... And if I was judging by looks rather than talent, Escala wouldn't really have been my first choice. Well, one of them might have been...

But once again, the public showed a tremendous lack of ability to judge talent. While the wee boy was quite good, he wasn't even the best dancer in the final, let alone the most talented.

At 3:50 pm, Blogger Marcus G said...

OK, OK, you're not shallow.

Mind you, as for looks, when it came to one of the finalists in BGT, one of them was a real dog.


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