Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Marillion: Whatever is wrong with you?

Marillion have just given away a free edit of one of the new tracks from their forthcoming album.

Its called "Whatever is wrong with you" and can be downloaded from the website of the same name:

Its, erm, mediocre. As bland as most of the last album was. If this is typical of the stuff they've just recorded, I'm not going to like the new album. :o(

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At 6:13 am, Blogger Ricky Carvel said...

Oops. I accidentally rejected a comment I was meaning to accept. Anyway, it was from someone called Ian Millor and said:

I actually think it sounds more current than the first single from their last album. Lyrically amusing and sonically stronger than "See it like a baby" it will prove to be a grower as most Marillion songs are. Marillion are a far stronger band when the shackles of trying to convince radio stations to play their songs are removed. Three minutes is hardly enough for a band of this quality to get into their stride. Lesser bands put out their best songs as singles to tempt you in to buying an album choc full of filler. I personally disliked the singles from "Marbles" but every track that wasn't a single was a belter. Even "Somewhere Else" had the awesome title track, "Voice From The Past", "The Other Half", "The Wound", "Last Century For Man" and "Faith". The new single is fine and the fact that it doesn't blow me away has got me salivating at the thought of what epics are in store on the new double album. Peace

At 8:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got to disagree. It's about time Marillion did something immediate. I can't remember the last time they did a proper hook that stuck in my head after first listen, and this is it. I'm all for the epics but this is like the cheeky cocktail rather than the all night drinking session. Refreshing, fun and much more likely to bring them new fans.

At 3:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mediocre? I disagree entirely, this is a great little rock song, full of the usual Marillion subtleties and qualities, all wrapped up in a nice little 3 minute package!

At 4:15 pm, Blogger Ricky Carvel said...

Everyone is allowed their own opinion. And everyone's musical tastes are different.

But while the song has slightly grown on me over the past week, I still don't think its anywhere near Marillion at their best.

Perhaps the album mix will be much better than this. Certainly most of the things that put me off this freebie track are in the first verse (lack of intro, uninteresting drums, mid-paced beat, sluggish guitar riff echoing the vocals and a not very gripping melody), the chorus is melodically OK, the song goes up a gear when the keyboards and rhythm guitars come in and I really quite like the instrumental break. So I don't hate the song.

But. Its not in the same league as most of the songs on Anorak, TSE or even .com (which I have come around to liking a lot).

I'll still buy both CDs when they come out...

At 10:16 pm, Blogger Jean-François said...

Hello brothers from the other continent! I will have to disagree too; since the fish era, it is surely the most "up-to date" material they have produced. Marbles was another great album also but a bit different and more "Zen" ... my 2 cents!

Wish their new hit will be played over here, long life to Mr H.!

Jean-François Girard from Chambly,Québec.

At 2:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, whatever you think, check out the video contest Marillion have launched.

You can check out my video HERE



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