Monday, June 26, 2006

What happened to Dr Who?

I loved it when Dr Who came back last year. And for the most part the episodes were good. This year it was even better - I much prefer David Tennant to Chris Eccleston. But what happened? The quality of programmes has gone sharply downhill this series. Episode by episode: my opinions:

Series 1:

  1. Rose - Great!
  2. The end of the world - Good!
  3. The unquiet dead - Good!
  4. Aliens of London - Great!
  5. World war 3 - Good!
  6. Dalek - Great!
  7. The long game - OK...
  8. Father's day - Good!
  9. The empty child - Good!
  10. The Doctor dances - OK...
  11. Boom town - OK...
  12. Bad wolf - Good!
  13. The parting of the ways - Great!
So all in all, Series 1 averages out somewhere between good and great!
  • The Christmas invasion - Great!
Great hopes for the next series...

Series 2:

  1. New Earth - Good!
  2. Tooth and claw - Great!
  3. School reunion - Fantastic!
  4. Girl in the fireplace - Great!
  5. Rise of the Cybermen - Good!
  6. The age of steel - Erm, a bit disappointing.
  7. Idiot's lantern - Really quite dull.
  8. The impossible planet - Not very good.
  9. The Satan pit - A bit better, but not great.
  10. Love and monsters - Dull, dull, dull.
  11. Fear her - not watched this one yet...
So what I find is that Series 2, which started well, has sunk lower than any point in Series 1. Russell T., what are you doing?

And I'm starting to miss the good old days of 6 episode stories and villains that were never totally defeated - the Cybermen kept coming back again and again, every couple of series they would be back - they were never totally defeated in the old days. But now the Doctor can take them out in the space of 90 minutes. Oh well, maybe the Series 2 finale will be great again...


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