Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ambiguous wording...

I gave my wife an iPod Nano for her birthday yesterday. These things do not come with a charger, so if you want to charge it up without a computer you need to buy an extra adapter.

So I had a look in Argos. £19 for a charger or £29 for the cheapest charger with external speakers. Given that I wanted to buy a set of external speakers anyway, I opted for the £29 item.

But then I looked at the side of the box, it says:

"... for charging & synchronising via USB..."

The thing plugs in and comes with a power adapter, but that wording makes me wonder, is it:
  • ...for charging & [synchronising via USB]..., or
  • ...for [charging & synchronising] via USB...
If it is the latter variation, then the thing does not do the job I bought it for. Hmmm. I guess I'll find out tonight.

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At 10:31 am, Blogger Ricky Carvel said...

Thankfully it was 'charging & [synchronising via USB]'...


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