Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I spent most of the weekend building a fence in my garden. One of the things that happens when you spend all day hammering nails into wood is that you inevitably hit your thumb with the hammer at some point. In the whole weekend I only did this twice, so I think that's not bad.

But, when I thumped my thumb with a hammer, the expression that somehow found its way to my lips was:

"Oh yah beezer!"

Where this expression came from I have absolutely no idea. Thinking back on it I can recall two other instances of me using the word 'beezer' as an expletive in the past couple of weeks, but I really have no idea why the word should have come to mind at such times as this.

I did read The Beezer comic when I was wee (approx 10 to 12 years old?), but really haven't thought much about it since then.

Anyway, I liked the use of the word 'Beezer' as a non-offensive expletive, so I think we should all start using it when the occasion requires such a word. Although this will probably not catch on, just like my brother-in-law's failed attempt to re-popularise the word 'Doofus' as an insult a few years ago...

(By the way, the Wikipedia info about the Beezer (link above) is wrong. It was called 'The Beezer and Topper' when I read it in 1979/1980. Oddly enough, the Topper was A4 sized while the Beezer was A3 - the Topper was a 'pull out' of the middle few pages of the comic which could then be turned on its side, folded, and turned into a whole extra comic... I always thought this was pointless.)



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