Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Doctor Who: Family of Blood

Generally good. Not as good as the first half, but then the second part of a two parter rarely is.

My main problem with this episode was this (spoilers): At the start of last week's episode we discover that 'the family' are chasing the Doctor and he has to become human to evade them becuase if they got to him as a Time Lord, things would be really bad. In the conclusion, he turns back into being a Time Lord, confronts them and manages to defeat them - as a Time Lord - so if he could do that, why did he need to become human in the first place?

And the whole sequence narrated by the posh, body-snatched boy when the Doctor dealt with the family was quite out of place. There is no good reason why he should go to quite such long lengths to devise four different eternal-torment type punishments.

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