Sunday, December 09, 2007

Same Difference epiphany...

Throughout most of the current series of the X Factor, I've been looking forward to the week when Same Difference would get voted off. They're too smiley, too annoying, not the best singers (although he is better than her) and, generally, a bit wet.

Imagine my surprise then, when last night I found myself actually thinking that it would be disappointing if Same Difference got voted off this week. Basically they provided the only two entertaining performances last night. The others were technically very good, full of power-ballady emotion, but fundamentally dull.

Of course, I didn't go as far as to actually vote for them, but I was glad when they got through to the final. I hope they win next week now...

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At 5:18 pm, Blogger Marcus G said...

Rhydian: best in show - which isn't saying a lot. Needs to learn "umph".

Leon: go away and grow up. Two or three years will make him a decent act. Simply too young to sing this material, sorry.

Niki: dull, dull, dull & out of tune most of the time. Had to go.

Same Difference: surprisingly likeable! Fantastic work rate - any one who can learn those routines week in & week out, & sing at the same time in tune (whether or not they have the greatest voices)deserves more praise than they have been getting. I ended up cheering for them.

Predicted winner - Rhydian. And with effort and training in presentation, he may have a future as a sort of Josh Groban type.
But Same Difference are the dark horses here, & I wouldn't bank against them.

But over on the other side...

How about a Welsh double on Saturday nights?

What money on Rhydian & Gethin winning both competitions? And how desperately do I need a life?


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