Thursday, February 21, 2008

Battle of the Banks?

We're looking to change banks.

For varous reasons, for the first time ever, we are probably in a position to save some money, so I want to have:
  1. A current account for everyday transactions, which preferably has a decent interest rate.
  2. One or more savings accouts, preferably with instant or quick access, with reasonable interest rates.
  3. Both with good online and telephone banking services.
In about a year, our current mortgage deal ends and I'd quite like to then transfer the mortgage to the same lender so we can 'offset' against the savings/current account.

From the legwork I've done already it looks like First Direct or Intelligent Finance are the two main contenders (Smile and Egg are also both in there too, but with Egg I'd have to have the current account with someone else, and I'd rather not - for simplicity, and there was something that put me off going with Smile, but I forget what it was now...).

So, can anyone advise, which is better First Direct or IF?

(also looking to switch credit cards, but I think I know which to go for there).

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