Thursday, August 17, 2006

Climate change...

I was reading an article about 'global warming' and 'climate change' earlier.

Why is climate change perceived as a bad thing?

The climate of this planet has always been changing. Look back into the geological records and ice samples etc. and you find that there have been periods much hotter than today and periods much colder than today. Sometimes the periods of hot or cold have lasted a long time, sometimes the switch from one to another (and back) has been very swift. Sometimes the changes have been brought about by events such as meteor strikes or volcanic activity, sometimes it has been due to the world's animals consuming too many of the trees, etc.

It is likely that any change will benefit some people and harm others. But that doesn't make change a bad thing - it possibly makes it only a neutral thing.

And by changing the way we (as a society) live and consume the planetary resources, we can only speed up or slow down the process of change, I don't think we can halt it altogether. So what's the point?

Why not just accept change and learn to adapt?


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