Friday, January 05, 2007

Torchwood: Series 1

So series 1 of Torchwood is over. Started off good, got better, got worse, was OK for a while then got quite good towards the end. You can read all my episode reviews here:
  1. Everything changes: 7/10 (perhaps more)
  2. Day one: 7/10
  3. Ghost machine: 9/10 (series high point)
  4. Cyberwoman: 8/10
  5. Small worlds: 6/10
  6. Countrycide: 4/10 (series low point)
  7. Greeks bearing gifts: 6/10
  8. They keep killing Susie: 6/10
  9. Random shoes: 7/10
  10. Out of time: 5/10
  11. Combat: 7/10
  12. Captain Jack Harkness: 7/10 (perhaps more)
  13. End of days: 7/10
So on average, the series scores 6.6/10 (perhaps slightly more), which by my personal ratings scale means that the whole thing is probably worth a second viewing, but not worth buying on DVD.

Oddly enough, the DVD releases are arranged in such a way that you can buy two out of the three DVDs and miss most of the dull episodes. DVD set 1 (out now) has the first 5 episodes (average rating 7.4/10 = possibly worth buying), DVD set 2 has the next 4 (not even worth a second viewing) and DVD set 3 has the final 4 episodes (worth a second viewing). I'll probably not buy any of these though, I rarely find time to watch things multiple times these days.

But it has kept me reasonably entertained over the past 11 weeks (Episodes 1 & 2 were shown on the same night, as were Episodes 12 & 13) and I'll certainly be tuning in again in October. But now I can get back to watching crappy US sci-fi for a while until Doctor Who starts in the Spring...

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