Monday, July 30, 2007

Mostly Autumn at Murrayfield

Mostly Autumn at the end of their support slot for Bryan Adams at Murrayfield, Edinburgh on Saturday 21st July 2007. Can you see me in the crowd? (photo shamelessly swiped from their official web page)

Its wet, its dinner time, the queue for the burger van is about a quarter of a mile long, you're waiting to see Bryan Adams, in the rain, and a band you have never heard of walks on stage and plays moody, proggy music with flutes in. You're not impressed.

This, I suspect, was the feeling of most of the crowd watching Mostly Autumn playing support to Bryan Adams last weekend. It was a bad introduction.

Which is a shame, because the music was great, the sound quality was good for an open air event and the band played well. But rain does put a damper on proceedings like these. Actually, more like a soaked-through-er than a damper.

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