Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Torchwood: S2E7 'Dead man walking'

Given the title of the episode and the content of this trailer, its kind of clear what is going to happen in this episode, but if you haven't seen it and you don't want to know, do not read below the video clip as there will be spoilers...

OK. So Owen died last week. But when has death ever stopped a character returning in sci-fi? They bring Owen back, but he's not alive as such (cue jokes about lack of bodily functions and the normal things that happen to a body after death) and something is taking over his body.

Anyone else reminded of the two parter ('The Impossible Planet' and 'The Satan Pit') from series two of the new Doctor Who? Must be just me then.

And so, when 'Death' is revealed we get into very dodgy CGI territory. And what happened when it all went black? Owen went to 100% 'something else', the black CGI came out of him, everything went black and then it seems we're missing at least one scene. How is Owen still standing? If he was 100% something else and it came out of him, surely that means he's now 0% anything, and certainly wouldn't be expected to be up and walking about. Why does Jack appear to wake up in the car at the hospital? How did they get there? Either this is bad plotting or really bad editing. What happened?

And the final battle between Owen and 'Death' was just mince, wasn't it?

And going by the preview, Owen is still neither alive nor dead next week. Do I care?

Killing off main characters is often good for a series. Instantly bringing them back undoes all the good. Unless of course, they're going to do the double whammy and kill off someone else, and then not bring them back. We'll see.

But I think this is the low point of this series so far. Next.

Oh, but who was the tarot girl? Do we get a story involving her in the future? I'm a little bit intrigued there.

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