Monday, March 03, 2008

Walk the line (2005)

I saw 'Walk the line' the other night. Quite good. Would have been much better if I had never seen 'Ray' though. It seems the ingredients for a successful solo music career in the 60s were:
  1. Death of a sibling as a child.
  2. Strongly religious parents
  3. Married & kids before success
  4. Living on the poverty line
  5. Meeting the right producer
  6. Infidelity on the road
  7. Marriage break up
  8. Drugs and alcohol addiction
So much of the film felt like a re-run of 'Ray', which is a shame as the performances - both acting and singing - were good and Johnny Cash came over as a more likable character than Ray Charles did.

However, I felt that the wee scar on Joaquin Phoenix's upper lip and Reece Witherspoon's gargantuan chin both kept reminding me that these were actors playing parts and I never totally came to see the people on the screen as the characters themselves. Shame.

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